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A New Age For Plastics

Streamlined. Sustainable. Smart.

At Arcane, we revolutionize the plastics industry, blending sustainability with innovation to redefine what’s possible.

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Who We Are

Arcane is a plastics manufacturing company with the capabilities to shake up an often antiquated and fragmented industry. We’re bringing something new and necessary to plastics, allowing our customers to consolidate their vendors, streamline their systems, and save money, all while we recycle waste on an unmatched level.

Why have we entered this space? Because the old ways aren’t sustainable, and we have the technology to bring real change to plastics manufacturing, both economically and environmentally. And this is just the beginning.


Michael Hickmon
Chief Executive Officer
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Shea Halligan
Chief Operating Officer
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Eric Chin
Chief Information Officer
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Walter Mooneyhan
Chief People Officer
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Sustainability and Traceability Program

Within our system, we have developed the ability to take waste and recycle it back into a raw material we can repurpose and trace. We offer full traceability of exactly how much recycled material is used in our products and can provide customers with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

As sustainable practices become increasingly vital to business, our program allows customers to meet their commitments to environmental stewardship through recycling used plastic and purchasing new conduit made from recycled materials. Customers can put up to 100% of their waste back into conduit products, tracking the full chain of custody.

Unlike other sustainability claims, certifications from Arcane are not just another seal on a website. They’re a badge of honor, backed by facts and figures.

Our traceability program was developed to result in a dependable and proven process that benefits the planet, our customers, and the product’s end user.

Be an early adopter of the future of plastics.

Sustainability and Traceability Program